In-House Diagnostics

In-House Diagnostics for Pets

At Animal Urgent Care of Bentonville, we believe in the power of knowledge to guide urgent pet care.

Our in-house diagnostics play a crucial role in rapidly assessing your pet’s condition and tailoring a precise treatment plan.

When your pet requires urgent diagnostics for an accurate diagnosis, rely on us to provide the expertise and advanced technology needed. Contact us promptly, and we will prioritize these essential diagnostics to give your pet the best chance at a swift recovery.

Your pet’s health is our commitment, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional diagnostic care in their time of need.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology that we use to conduct a comprehensive range of tests in-house. From bloodwork and imaging to other diagnostic procedures, we strive for accuracy and speed in obtaining results.

and Precision

Having in-house diagnostics allows us to swiftly analyze samples and images, giving us timely insights into your pet’s health. This efficiency translates to quicker diagnoses and prompt initiation of necessary treatments.


Our team works cohesively to interpret the diagnostic results and formulate a tailored treatment plan for your pet. We believe in involving you throughout this process, ensuring you understand the findings and are actively engaged in the decision-making for your pet’s care.

Have an Emergency or Urgent Situation?

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